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06 B_W Black _ White la tendenza migrant

B&W-Black&White, The Migrant Trend was born from the collaboration of 3 associations:

Nation25 active in the field of contemporary and social art ,

A.I. Artisanal Intelligence expert in the field of fashion, craftsmanship and Made in Italy and FUM STUDIO in the field of brand consulting.


The meeting of the different skills and heterogeneous networks brought the project to represent a bridge between small businesses, migrant ateliers and young talented asylum seekers and holders of international protection, with established brands, the fashion industry and professional training institutes.


B&W was started in 2019 by the visual artist Caterina Pecchioli within the collective Nation25 and developed with AI Artisanal Intelligence and FUM STUDIO, establishing itself as APS (Social Promotion Association) in 2021.



Caterina Pecchioli


Artistic Director

Initiator and co-founder of the B&W-Black&White project, she is a visual artist and co-founder of Nation25, an art and curatorial collective that deals with social issues in the field of Contemporary Art, with a particular focus on migration and environmental issues. She exhibits internationally and has collaborated with established institutions such as the Venice and Istanbul Biennale. She collaborates with various associations and cooperatives of the Italian reception network.


Francesca Paiella

Board Member 

Co-founder of B&W-Black&White, she was responsible for the Atelier Trame Libere, project partner of the B&W-Lab in 2019 at Macro Asilo. For about 20 years she has been an actress and host of projects for the empowerment of individuals and groups, dealing with social issues through art and theatrical practice. Francesca has collaborated with public and private bodies and institutions with which she has created projects with a high social and community impact. She collaborates with various realities and organizations also in the field of business consulting and coaching.


Francesca Paiella

Board Member 

Stylist and artist Victor Reginald Bob Abbey-Hart has been part of the B&W community since the project was born and has been part of the board of directors since 2024. Winner of the “MAX&Co. Prize” promoted by the Camera Moda Fashion Trust, since 2021, he has been curating his personal project Victor-Hart. In 2024 the brand debuted at Milan Fashion Week, presenting to the public its hybrid and sustainable vision of the workwear world. Mainly focused on denim. Victor Hart's collections combine the cultural tradition of Ghana, where he is originally from, with the quality of Italian manufacturing, also reflecting a commitment from an innovation and social point of view.

Foto da Caterina Pecchioli-3_edited_edit

Svetla Rantcheva

Membro del Board 

Of Bulgarian origin and based in Italy, proud bearer of a "hybrid" identity, shaped and crystallized between two cultures, Svetla has been working for years in the world of the Third Sector carrying out projects that create new intersections between creativity, culture, fashion and social transformation. She graduated in Journalism and mass media communication an obtained a master's degree in Sociology. Svetla has worked on cooperation projects with a focus on female empowerment in Africa and organizes events, exhibitions and demonstrations in Italy, including initiatives related to ethical fashion. For her commitment in the cultural field for the city of Rome, she received the "Energie per Roma" award in the "Cultural innovators and writers" section.


Federica Maria Ciacci


Board member


Co-founder of the B&W-Black&White project Federica is a Project Manager. In Brazil she coordinated business projects and female "empowerment" in suburban areas with a focus on craftsmanship, sustainable fashion and circular economy. She collaborates with associations and companies as a consultant (coaching, marketing and promotion) for artisans and groups of professionals.



Clara Tosi Pamphili

Co-founder and voluntary member of B&W-Black&White, she is fashion and costume historian, curator and co-founder of A.I. Artisanal Intelligence which deals with projects for the development of contemporary creativity with a particular attention to the promotion of Made in Italy. A.I. is a project born within Altaroma but which has expanded and has become a model required by international events and fairs.


Alessio De'Nevasques

Co-founder of B&W-Black&White and lecturer in fashion, Alessio is a creative, co-founder and curator of A.I. Artisinal Intelligence. He has made excellent craftsmanship his field of research so he is always on the lookout for new artisans to make known and promote. Collaborate for the main Italian fashion events and magazines such as, L'Officiel Italia, Elle and Artribune.


Giulia Ceragioli


Co-founder of B&W-Black&White and independent fashion designer, she is clothing and fabric printing designer with important collaborations such as Vionnet (FR). She is the founder of FUM Studio, a consultancy firm, she collaborates with eco-sustainable brands and on socially-related projects. She also works on her clothing brand FUM-First Unknown Myself from which her consultancy studio takes its name. She is a university professor specializing in research and planning for fashion design courses.


Elana Giulia Abbiatici



Co-founder of B&W-Black&White and Nation25. Her curatorial path investigates the philosophical and anthropological implications that techno-capitalism, globalization, migratory phenomena and climate change are having on individual and collective identities, on heritage and on the spaces we inhabit.
She also delves into the study of sound and smell in contemporary art by writing a column on


Issa Diallo


Member and Cultural Mediator


Member and Cultural Mediator of B&W-Black&White Issa is originally from Burkina Faso and has lived in Italy for the last 12 years. He has worked as a cultural mediator and legal translator for the National Commision for the Right of Asylum in Rome, as well as for refugee reception centers for unaccompanied minors in Rome and Milan. He is also currently the cultural mediator for The Sewing Cooperative, where he facilitates intercultural exchange between tourists, locals, and refugees through fashion and artisanal experiences.


Federica Gianetti


Voluntary Member


Hat Designer and milliner, Federica makes hats and accessories for her own brand "Sophie's Wonders" and holds courses in hat making techniques. She has been involved in development projects (PCM, identification and formulation of projects) in the Middle East on behalf of the NGO Research and Cooperation and the Framework Contract EC program for the consulting company ARS Progetti. She worked as a volunteer both for the Caritas center for asylum seekers in Rome and in the context of a project carried out by the VIS in Angola.


Anthony Knight



Anthony Knight is a patternmaker and designer. He was born to Jamaican parents in London where he studied Fashion Design at the Southgate Technical College and London College of Fashion. He has had the opportunity to collaborate with the Central St. Martins School of Art, the Middlesex Polytechnic and with international names such as Clavin Klein, Moschino and Victor Edelstein. Since 2005, Anthony has been teaching Pattern Making at the Faculty of Fashion Design at IUAV, Venice.

Marco Bellucci BEM_6355 Karima 2G.jpg

Karima 2G


Karima 2G is an Italian singer and beatmaker of Liberian origin. Her artistic career began as a dancer but soon became a professional vocalist and came to collaborate with M2o. In 2013 she rediscovers her roots following a trip to her homeland, Liberia and, returning to Italy, uses music as a means to bring out the values of her own culture of origin from an Italian perspective, bringing attention on the theme of second generations. In 2014 comes her solo debut with the album 2G entirely written and produced by the artist herself.

Since then she has continued as a soloist and has released the albums Africa (2016), Police (2017) and Malala (2018).



Yinka Shonibare

Sadia Khatri 


Sara Sozzani Maino

WhatsApp Image 2021-01-19 at

Mackda Ghebremariam Tesfaù

Mackda Ghebremariam Tesfau has a Ph.D in Social Sciences from the University of Padua with a thesis “Why don't you bring them to your home? Reception stories between refugees and locals” in which racism and anti-racism are questioned. Mackda is board member of Refugees Welcome, an association committed to welcoming refugees into families, and she is part of the committee of experts of the Razzismo Brutta Storia association. She is the author, together with Giovanni Picker, of the article "The Postcolonial Italian archive" (Ethnic & Racial Studies 2021) and of the preface of the text of bell hooks "Insegnare a Transgredire" (Meltemi 2020).


Tania Gianesin


Co-founder and Executive Board Member of Moleskine Foundation.

She has always worked in the cultural field with the focus on education and access and sharing of knowledge. Main areas of expertise: Innovative/Unconventional Education, Art and Culture for social transformation, Strategic/Management consulting, Ethical Fashion/Design, Fashion Journalism, Social Entrepreneurship. In her life there are three key leitmotifs: music, neuroscience and synaesthetics.

Marco Bellucci BEM_6827.jpg

Enrica Picarelli


Enrica Picarelli is research fellow at Bologna University, where she examines cultural sustainability and fash- ion digitalities in Africa. She has a Ph.D in Cultural and Post-Colonial Studies of the Anglophone World from “L’Orientale” University of Naples. She has published articles in the areas digital media and fashion studies and is a regular contributor of international art and culture magazines, including Griot Magazine. Enrica collaborates in the theoretical study of the B&W-Black&White project, of which she takes care of the page of the site relating to it.

He writes on his blog


Sara Sozzani Maino

Direttrice Creativa di Fondazione Sozzani, Int Brand Ambassador di Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), Goodwill Ambassador Fashion for Development, Creative Advisor di Conde Nast Italia. E' stata inoltre Deputy Director di Vogue Italia ed Head of Vogue Talents. Sara Sozzani Maino è un personaggio-chiave del panorama moda, impegnata da anni nella promozione e scoperta di giovani talenti capaci di nuove visioni per un mondo della moda più inclusione e sostenibile "Sostenere la nuova generazione di talenti creativi significa credere nel futuro. Bisogna essere consapevoli e pensare che il domani da adesso in poi dovrà essere responsabile. Questa è la mia convinzione. Questo è il mio obiettivo".


Marina Spadafora


Marina Spadafora is a Fair Fashion ambassador in the world. She has deep roots in Fashion having had her own brand and collaborated with Ferragamo, Prada, Miu Miu and Marni. She has been the creative director of Auteurs du Monde, the Fair Trade brand of Altromercato, working with artisans all over the world. Marina is a professor of ethical fashion at prestigious academies in Italy and abroad. Her work has always included a strong focus on social issues and ecology, believing that ethics and aesthetics can coincide. Marina works to bring development to emerging countries through her FWAM platform. She is also the Italian national coordinator of Fashion Revolution

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