Victor R. B. Abbey-Hart

Fashion designer born in Ghana, Victor made himself known with his brand Gavachy. In Milan he continued his training in fashion and design at the Haute Future Fashion Academy . Since 2020 he is Creative Director of Vicini D'Istanti.

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Collaboration with Vicini D'Istanti

Victor was introduced by B&W to Vicini d'Istanti. A fruitful collaboration was born and Victor is currently Creative Director of the Vicini d'Istanti fashion line.

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Foto: Francesco de Luca


Victor at the B&W Workshop

Victor attended the B&W workshop and part of the B&W-lab program.

From this occasion Victor started a consultancy path with the B&W-Black&White professionals.


Victor a "Where is South?" Moleskine Foundation

Victor is among the B&W Lab participants selected to take part in the At Work workshop "Where is South?" by Moleskine Foundation. His notebook, a visualization of his idea of the South, has the title Life is a beautiful dress.

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