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06_B_W- Black_White, la tendenza migrant
05 B_W Black _ White la tendenza migrant
00 B_W Black _ White la tendenza migrant

Foto: Loni Mjeshtri

B&W at "The Shape of Water"

by A.I. Artisanal Intelligence

in Altaroma.


From 5th to 7th of July 2019 B&W-Black & White took part in the exhibition "The Shape of Water" curated by A.I. Artisanal Intelligence in Altaroma. The exhibition's theme was "Reinvention, sustainability and migrant trend" and included the participation

of the "Emersum" project and the "From Somewhere" collection by Orsola de Castro (Global Creative Director of Fashion Revolution).


In this context, B&W continued the intercultural research laboratory on the migrant trend started at the Macro Asilo and presented the collections of some migrant realities of the Italian territory such as Atelier Trame Libera , Talking Hands - con le mani mi racconto, Nosa Collezione and Sylla Sarto .


The laboratory participants carried out an investigation into the “migrant style," and created a "Facebook Moodboard." Through this exercise, they identified  combinations, accessories, or recurring elements that demonstrated the  geographical differentiations and the influences of their own personal and social history.  

A photographic series of street style was also created for the occasion by Talking Hands and the photographer Francesco De Luca (CommessoFotografo ).


Garments from the collections of migrant ateliers were both presented live, such as in the case of Mixité collection by Talking Hands, and through photography. Photographer Francesco De Luca, collaborated with the workshop participants to photograph the other collections presented at the MACRO Museum, which was transformed for the occasion into a photographic studio setting.


The migrant trend caught the attention of high fashion, and industry professionals, who recognized its great potential and originality.

In fact, various fashion magazines and specialized blogs, including Vogue Brazil, Vogue Italia, Dust Magazine, Afrosartorialism, Special Envoy (RadioRai) talked about the project and the individual realities presented in this context.

Additionally, it is thanks to this recognition that Nation25, A.I. Artisanal Intelligence, and Fum Studio have decided to structure the project as a platform to support and consolidate migrant fashion in Italy.

Foto: Nation25


Foto: Andrea Buccella

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