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Foto: Marco Bellucci

Atelier Trame Libere

Atelier Trame Libera was born in Rieti within the Cooperativa il Volo.
The Atelier started as an opportunity for training with women tailors from different backgrounds, combined several styles from Africa, Asia and Europe. Unfortunately, it closed in 2019 as a result of the funding cuts to hospitality projects wanted by the "Decreto Sicurezza", by the former Minister of Internal Affairs Matteo Salvin. In 2019, most of the girls part of the Atelier, were transfer to other cities. The former project manager Francesca Paiella is actually a member of the board of B&W-Black&White.



Participation in the B&W Lab.

Atelier Trame Libera was a partner of the B&W Lab. helping in the organization. In addition, the tailors of the workshop: Hina John, Gifth Esemota, Gift Olomu, Jessica Ebite, Gift Ese Asemota, Tracy Destiny Monday, Joy Animam, Joy Aboilaror, took part in all the training activities and produced the shoppers for the press and the participants thanks to a contribution by Progetto Agata Smeralda Onlus.

Foto: Marco Bellucci



Participation in A.I. The Shape of Water, AltaRoma 2019

B&W presented some garments of the Atelier and continued, in collaboration with its tailors, the visual investigation laboratory on migrant style.


Hina Jhon at "Where is South?" Moleskine Foundation

Hina John, former collaborator of Atelier Trame Libera is a political refugee in Italy from Pakistan. She was selected among the participants of the B&W Lab. to take part in the workshop "Where is South?" by Moleskine Foundation. Moon is the definition of South displayed in her notebook.

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