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 Foto Francesco de Luca

Moustapha Sylla

Moustapha was born in Senegal where he started his training as a tailor.

In Italy he collaborates with several ateliers and dreams of setting out on his own.

Collezione di Moustapha Sylla durante _B
Collezione di Moustapha Sylla durante _B

Matar e Lamin Saidy, Collezione Sylla Sarto, Macro Asilo, Foto Francesco de Luca


Thami Mnyele Foundation Studio, photo Caterina Pecchioli


Decolonizing the Gaze

Moustapha took part in the Decolonizing the Gaze project in Amsterdam.

In his interviews he explains how clothing and fabric are connected to identity and the relationship between clothing, cultural identity and heritage.



B&W supported Moustapha Sylla with a course of Italian language prior to subsequent professional studies.

Thanks to the contribution of Agata Smeralda Olus.

Masterclass Anthony Knight per B_W  Marc

Foto: Marco Bellucci


Sylla at the B&W LAB

Sylla took an active part in many of the activities of the B&W Lab. animating the debate and exchange on the different sartorial techniques and on different traditions and cultural backgrounds.


Sylla at AI The Shape of Water

Some of Sylla's garments (Sylla Sarto) were presented by B&W during the A.I. Artisanal Intelligence exhibition "The Shape of Water" at Altaroma 2019, attracting great interest.

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