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Lamin Saidy 

Lamin Saidy comes from Gambia, where he was born in 1998 and grew up in his father's tailor shop where he became passionate about the tailoring profession. He has been in Italy since 2016 and lives in Treviso where from 2018 to 2020 he collaborated with Talking Hands, becoming one of the reference for the atelier and contributing to the creation of the capsule collection "Mixité".

In 2021 Lamin started its independent brand: NafoProject.


Foto: Francesco De Luca

My journey as a tailor began in my father's tailor shop, in watching him work, in wearing what he made for me (Lamin Saidy)



In 2021 Lamin launched its independent brand that B&W supports with a brand advisory.

Nafoproject is a small tailoring laboratory, it is a project in continuous evolution where the garments are designed and manufactured using waste materials. Every garment is born from the action of putting together, fabrics, memories, experiences and cultures, all together are signs of a tactile language. (Lamin Saidy)

Schermata 2021-04-14 alle 17.54.06.png
Collezione di Moustapha Sylla durante _B

Foto: Francesco De Luca


Lamin at the B&W LAB

Lamin Saidy participated in the B&W workshop with Talking Hands, a migrant fashion atelier he was collaborating with in 2019.


Nosa in Altaroma

Lamin is among the B&W Lab participants selected to take part in the At Work workshop: "Where is South?" by Moleskine Foundation. Lamin South in a word is Unit.

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