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Talking Hands

Talking Hands is a permanent laboratory of design and social innovation. Born in 2016, Talking Hands encourages participants to use the design and manual activity as a form of narration of their biographies, places of origin, journeys and dreams.



Partner of B&W LAb

Talking Hands was a partner of the B&W Lab. Helping in the organization and realizing for the occasion a photographic series, mapping the migrant Street Style inspired by the concept of B&W, in collaboration with the migrant community of CS Django of Treviso and photographer Francesco De Luca (CommessoFotografo).

05_B_W- Black_White, la tendenza migrant
04 B_W Black _ White la tendenza migrant


Talking Hands at A.I. Artisanal Intelligence, The Shape of Water, Altaroma 2019

On this occasion B&W presented the Talking Hand's capsule collection Mixité which attracted great interest within the Fashion Industry professionals.

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