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Coloriage Laboratorio

Coloriage is a workshop for sharing knowledge and artisanal practices, a place where apprenticeship courses and seminars are held open to migrants and unemployed people. Coloriage is a tailoring atelier where clothes and accessories are created for adults and children and a recycling and reuse laboratory, where clothes and furnishing accessories are transformed.

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Educational Collaboration

B&W helped spread Coloriage's Crowdfunding campaign for the opening of a free and solidarity fashion school for migrants and unemployed people supported by Banca Etica.

B&W supports the Coloriage School with an educational collaboration, involving the teachers of its network and consulting on the program.

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Coloriage at the B&W Factory

The team of Coloriage, Valeria Kone and Sandrine Flament (project managers) and Cherif Niag and Omar Diallo (tailors of the workshop) took part in the B&W Factory.

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