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12_B_W- Black_White, la tendenza migrant
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B&W Factory

The B&W Factory is a participatory and intercultural workshop in which interdisciplinary objects such as accessories, gadgets, publications, tapestries and sculptures inspired by the migrant style are designed and then produced. The workshop is also conceived of a moment of exchange, training and networking between the different migrant realities.

B&W Factory at Macro Asilo 

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The first B&W Factory took place from October 7th to 13th 2019 in the context of the B&W-Black & White Lab. at the Macro Asilo and with the didactic support of the Accademia Costume & Moda of Rome.


During an intensive week, a belt bag was collectively designed, drawing inspiration from the classic characteristics of this style as well as how this accessory is worn by young migrants.


Guided by designers Ilaria Bigelli and Paul Rinaldi, the participants addressed the various design phases: research, sketching, material analysis, prototype.


B&W aims to continue organizing this type of event in order to promote opportunities for networking as well as the creation and production of B&W accessories, objects and garments inspired by the migrant trend.



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The workshop was attended by tailors seeking asylum and holders of international protection, migrant fashion ateliers and young aspiring Italian and foreign fashion designers, students of professional institutes of art, design and fashion in Rome. In collaboration with the network of reception in Rome, Rieti, Viterbo, Tivoli, Treviso and the Civico Zero center for unaccompanied minors (Rome).


Participants : Francesca Paiella, Hina John, Gifth Esemota, Gift Olomu, Jessica Ebite, Gift Ese Asemota, Tracy Destiny Monday, Joy Animam, Joy Aboilaror, Madjdiya Biao, Federica Ciacci, Cherif Niag and Omar Diallo, Students of the Diaz Institute with photographed Monica Biancardi, Nosakhare Ekhator, Victor Abbey-Hart, Mary Gehnyei and Karima 2G, Nigar Sultana Tania, Penda Diallo.

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B&W lab program.

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