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Vicini d'Istanti

Vicini d'Istanti was born in 2016 in the room of a reception center in Bologna. Today it has finally found its space on the "Second Floor" where it took the shape of a real fashion atelier. Starting from the tailor-made, now it added ready-to-wear garments, accessories, furnishing accessories, created by tailors Mamadou Camara, founder present from the beginning and Hamadi Diallo. Since 2019 the fashion line has the creative direction of Victor Abbey-Hart.

It also serves as a cultural and artistic center, a place where relationships and knowledge intertwine.

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My Trip

"My Trip" is the second collection designed by Victor for Vicini d'Istanti for A/W 2022. "My trip tells of a journey, inside and outside myself, of experiences and blessings crossing my Mother earth, Africa, and Italy. I met the ghanaian artist Kizito Amartey whose work "Eyes of Nature" inspired me for this collection. " Victor Abbey-Hart



"Rebirth" is Victor S/S 2021 is Victor's first collection as Creative Director of Vicini d'Istanti.

"Prenez soin de vous" (Take care of yourself) is the phrase from the Wax textile that recurs in the collection " I used it in the rebirth collection with the contest of the virus has shifted the way of living and rebirth is the new age of the world , which we have no other option than to stay safe and we ought to have color in our lives to keep smiling with the intentions to protect, preserve and care for the world. "



Colours are also very powerful in helping to survive in this dark times of the world thats why i use the tissue in  blue and yellow which to me is very powerful to help keep alive thinking this time will surely pass. further more also the sustainability part  of the production of the tissue which was very important for me, its durable, comfortably, breathable and above all vibrant in rich colours. (Victor Abbey-Hart)

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